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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Are You Ready for A Relationship ?

How do you know if you are ready for a relationship or not ? Many of us are very aware of our emotions and what it takes to be in a relationship and at times hold back for a while until we are “ready” Perhaps we are having a series of stresses in our lives that starting a new relationship would just “add” to the stress. It just isn’t the right emotional time to be in a relationship. For others, it is not as easily determined. For those of you, take this short quiz to see where you stand: Answer True or False to each question.

1. Shopping and dining at a good restaurants are two of my favorite activities.

2. I can take or leave sex.

3. If I’m meant to be in a relationship I will be otherwise I am meant to be alone.

4. I’m much happier with a man /woman by my side to make me happy.

5. I don’t really know why I’m bothering to look for a life partner, it always turns out badly.

6. I believe I can determine the outcome of my future

7. An intimate and loving relationship is very important to me.

8. I’m an interesting and fun person to be with.

9. Men/Women are a lot of fun to be with

10. My past relationships, have taught me many positive things which I can bring to a new relationship.

If you answered “False” to questions 1-5 and “True” to questions 6-10 you are ready for a relationship. If you missed a few questions, don’t despair, you may only need a small “tune up” before you’re ready to start your online dating experience.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

100 Great Date Night Ideas - Share Yours

 I'll share 100 Great Date Night Ideas with you over the upcomming months - Hope to hear from you on what yours are. Here goes .....                     

                    2.Try brunch and a matinee; fancy restaurants are way more affordable in the a.m.

Friday, February 26, 2010

So You Say Conventional Dating Just Might be the Way for You

Now some of you might be saying, no this isn’t me, it’s totally the opposite. My friends and family (especially my m o t h e r ) is begging me to try an online dating site, but I am just not sure. It is understandable. B We are creatures of habit and lets face it, if you haven’t been dating for a long period of time, or even if you have, but you’ve been doing it all of the conventional ways. Well let me ask you, where has the conventional way of dating gotten you thus far? But online dating is scary and foreign you say. Well, it did to me at first too. I felt awkward and didn’t really know what I was doing or didn’t know if I would be safe. The solution is to gain knowledge. Yes, who was it that said knowledge is power – very smart. It is my goal to take you on a walk so it is comfortable for you to use this wonderful too to find Mr. or Mrs. Right , in other words, who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too !

Let’s see if I can zero in on some of your concerns, maybe you have some of the same ones I did :

1. It’s Not Safe ! Safety in a large part comes from within and by using your
wits and instinct. I will be writing specifically about online dating safety and how to
spot the liars, and cheats along with how to keep yourself safe. But as
conventional dating, you do have to take precaution into your own hands.

2. It’s not romantic ! Through emails and web profiles men and women are
more willing now to write about their inner-most feelings online since the 18th
century! If knowing what truly moves a person is and what their inner-most
dreams, desires and thoughts are isn’t romantic, I couldn’t tell you what is

3. Men my age go for much younger women ! It’s true some do, and even now
some women go for much younger men. The fact of the matter is MOST men
and women marry within 3 years of their own age group. So if it’s a long term
commitment your wanting – you’re in luck !  There are millons of singles looking for you

4. I’m set in my ways, too picky, not flexible enough etc. etc. As a rule humans crave for company. We want to socialize, laugh, share our thoughts and have a good time with family and friends. It’s a proven fact that people in relationships live a healthier and more successful life. It’s been my experience when the right partner came around, all the typical excuses my single friends had went out the window and they started to enjoy life !   Many of my friends found their life partner on an online dating site, you may also find your life partner there too !

Thursday, February 25, 2010

100 Great Date Night Ideas - Share Yours

I'll share 100 Great Date Night Ideas with you over the upcomming months - Hope to hear from you on what yours are.  Here goes .....

                           1.  Dinner and some stargazing at the planetarium's evening show

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I can relate when your friends and family might ask you "You're going to do what ???" after you have happily announce you are going online to start dating again. You have mustered up the courage, wanted to try to be in the new millennium and are tired of the bars. Now you have to listen to all the questions. Is it safe ? You're not going to really meet them are you ? What if there picture doesn't match how they really look. Will you make sure you call me when you get there and get home? It almost makes you feel like internet dating is degrading and you are doing something terrible. The fact of the matter is those same questions could be asked of someone you meet out in public or in a nightclub; it just has been a more acceptable way, until now to meet available singles.

The next time you get questioned about your new endeavor of dating you can confidently reply that online dating has many more advantages over conventional dating for the following reasons:

·Online Dating offers more choices: there are millions of singles seeking partners on
the internet
·Provides better choices by searching for individuals who meet your criteria by age,
interests, values and background .
·Online Dating reaches across boundaries. You are not bound by your community
or state.
· Takes away some of the “guess work” about their motives. Since candidates usually
state in their profiles what type of relationship they are looking for (i.e. casual, dating,
long term commitment etc) you are more in control of what “type” of relationship you
are ready to have.

So go ahead, move forward with that dating site, let your mother or friend know that it is perfectly safe and acceptable, and most of all have a great time!