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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Are You Ready for A Relationship ?

How do you know if you are ready for a relationship or not ? Many of us are very aware of our emotions and what it takes to be in a relationship and at times hold back for a while until we are “ready” Perhaps we are having a series of stresses in our lives that starting a new relationship would just “add” to the stress. It just isn’t the right emotional time to be in a relationship. For others, it is not as easily determined. For those of you, take this short quiz to see where you stand: Answer True or False to each question.

1. Shopping and dining at a good restaurants are two of my favorite activities.

2. I can take or leave sex.

3. If I’m meant to be in a relationship I will be otherwise I am meant to be alone.

4. I’m much happier with a man /woman by my side to make me happy.

5. I don’t really know why I’m bothering to look for a life partner, it always turns out badly.

6. I believe I can determine the outcome of my future

7. An intimate and loving relationship is very important to me.

8. I’m an interesting and fun person to be with.

9. Men/Women are a lot of fun to be with

10. My past relationships, have taught me many positive things which I can bring to a new relationship.

If you answered “False” to questions 1-5 and “True” to questions 6-10 you are ready for a relationship. If you missed a few questions, don’t despair, you may only need a small “tune up” before you’re ready to start your online dating experience.

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