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Monday, April 19, 2010

Picking the Right Online Dating Site Part 1

Internet dating has reshaped relationships of today.  There are thousands of online dating sites poping up on the internet daily.  So how do you pick the right site for you ?  You can start with the First Favoites which include the  best known,  most reputable sites with over one milling members.  The Second Favoites include those with smailler but distinctive membership base.  Once you have experimented with recommended sites either from this blog or your friends, you can do your own search and also find out about that site by typing in "complaints about (the name of the site) to find out more about the reputation of the site.

In The Beginning

Most sites will provide free browsing and that will be a good way to get a sense of what type of men and women are on the site.   Many times in order to browse you will be asked to input your profile.  Go ahead and don't worry this will give you good practice on preparing a profile, in fact you may be able to perfect your profile as you go along.   When I first started using an online dating service I stayed with one site as many people do, but as you get confortable with the process, you should explore other sites and sign up with multiple sites in order to increase your chances of meeting Mr. or Mrs Right.

First Favorites

Here are a few of my favorite sites :  Probally one of the most largest and best site.  This is the site I first started with.  They constantly update their site wth new features and have millions of members.  Here are some of the features they offer:
  • Voice Greetings From Your Phone
  • Match Mobile: Your profile can be transferred to your cell phone and you can connect anonymously with singles near you.
  • Vidoe Greetings and Live Video
  • Online Speed Matching (An online version of speed dating)
  • A Free Personality Test 7-day Free Trial

Perfect   This site is easy to maneuver and is for serious minded daters looking for long term committments.  Althought somewhat newcommers to online dating they do boast over one million members.  They highlight the following features:
  • Icebreakers:  If you are shy and not sure what to talk about there are two levels of ice breaker to help you out.  You can email questions such as How do you describe your best friend? 
  • Personality Assesment: This assesment, called the Duet explains personality types and is an important part of matching, it also tells you which traits your partner should share and which should be different.  It summarizes your personal resluts and is a free test.  
  • An Organized Profile:  Includes information on appearance, lifestyle values, likes and dislikes.  Premium members can opt for more hands-on coaching from ciounselores with a profile review and tune-up.
Buy 1 month, Get 1 FREE!  A division of, offering premimun memberships based on matches after personality testing. They boast a following of 8 million and offer the following benefits:
  • Free Personality Testing
  • Free personalized matches with the potential to trigger chemistry
  • Chemistry provids information and recommendations daily for your match’s personality type.
Try Chemistry! Three months for the price of one!

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