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Monday, April 5, 2010

Building an Online Dating Profile – Where to Start

The most important thing you will do after joining an online dating service is to set up your profile. Many times people will be overwhelmed at the process, but can be really easy if you look at if from the vantage point of being able to put your best foot forward.

A profile that is set up nicely and comes across sincere will increase your chances of finding Mr. Or Mrs Right. Here are some tips and a short video on how to make the most of your online dating profile.

1. Profile Name: Studies show that an interesting profile name draws more attention than a profile with a run-of-the-mill name. “So, how can you pick an interesting profile name? A name that has a flash of sex in it will often do more harm than good. Instead choose a spin off of your name or something you are into, say a sport, hobby or craft. Pair it with a “catchy” word such as a nickname, video game character, movie star or even favorite comic character. You may want to use somehting that describes one of your best features such as Ravishing Red Head, Blue Eyed Gent, Cute Dimples etc.

2. Photo: Studies show that having a photo vs not having one will get you noticed more often. It is not true that not having a photo will make others more curious about you, all they will do is pass you by. In addition if you put a fake looking photo up you will run the chance of getting passed by while another who posts a realistic photo is apt to get many more looks and opportunities to date. If you are not sure about a picture, enlist one of your close friends to help you out an remember always use a current picture.

3. Descriptions: Be as honest as you can, after all how would you feel if you met someone and they turned out totally different than what they had portrayed in their profile ? There simply is no benefit about lying about your height, weight or any similar details. You should not give any personal details like your cell number. This is a good opportunity to describe yourself in a positive light, studies show that you should describe your hobbies, sports, drinking and smoking habits all in an honest light.

In closing, creating an online dating profile should reflect who you really are anything else won’t allow you to find that perfect someone for you. Being honest with a flair for fun will help get more attention that any other profiles. Don’t try to make your profile too serious, think of it as if you were on a first date – wouldn’t you be light and flirtatious ? . Remember, online dating is a fun way to meet Mr. Right or Mrs. Right !

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