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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Finding the Perfect Mate of My Desire

Exercise 4: Now that you have found your likes and dislikes in a mate, the last step is to define your desires and then put it all together. Think about the following an make a wide list(at least 8-10 ) in each category then dwindle your list down to the top 10 desires that are important to you. Category 1: Physical

Category 2: Entertainment

Category 3: Intellectual Pursuits

Category 4: Leisure

Category 5: Living Habits

Category 6: Social

This exercise will help you get to your core values and also help you not be too picky at the same time, risking eliminating a perfect partner for you.

Put it All Together

Take your answers from each exercise # 1-4 (exercises 1-3, posted March 14, 2010 ) and make a list of your top 10 answers for each exercise (eliminating exercise # 3, just be aware to watch out for this type) . You should have a sheet with the following headings, numbered 1 – 10 : Evaluating Them to Build a Profile . Must Have- Back to Basics, Finding the Perfect Mate of My Desire . Next look at your choices and take a clean piece of paper to write out your description : I am looking for a mate who…… and who likes to…… Now, it may have seemed like a lot of work to go through these exercises, but let me ask you – how much work has it been this far to go through all those dates that just weren’t right for you ? Let me hear from you !

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