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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What exactly is being Ready ? part 1

One author describes it like this :

R: Recovered from the past, hopeful about the future
E: Engaged in activities that make you fun and interesting to be with
A: Accepting attitude toward men / women
D: Destined for love because you believe you can shape your destiny
Y: Yearning to connect and communicate with a loving and nurturing partner who
     respects your values, shares ;your interests and wants a close relationship

So lets take a look:

Recovered from the past:  Lets face it, if you still have feelings toward your former partner, anything you do will not feel right. In addition if you are angry, hurt, disappointed about your past relationship you are not really opened up for a new one. Try and get past these feelings by renewing the “you” in yourself. Get to know yourself again and begin to like who you are. Learn from your past and get involved in activities that will help you get past the hurt stage. Once you can do this you will be in a much better place to “receive” the person who is perfect for you.

Engage in Activities: Not only should you engage in activities, you should try something new ! There is no better time than the present to explore new interests. This will make you interesting and you will have more things to talk about. Whenever we are learning and into new things, it tends to keep us youthful and “full of life”. Consider things that you have an interest in that you did not have the time to do or your previous partner did not have an interest to do with you. Take up a cooking class, aerobics, a new sport, a new language, start going to places you haven’t been before.

Accepting Attitude toward Men/Women:   Just because you have had a partner for most of your life doesn’t necessarily mean that you have an accepting attitude toward the opposite sex. Examine your thoughts and perceptions to see exactly where you stand. Do you often laugh at stereo typical jokes that downgrade men and women? Have you felt envious of your partner when they relax while you are doing chores? What are the “messages” you typically give yourself about the opposite sex ? Take some time to really think about your emotions and feelings about the opposite sex and see where you may want to improve your thinking as it could be reflective on your actions.  

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